Intelligent packaging? The future has arrived.

You may have heard of The Internet of Things, right? Also known as IoT, The Internet of Things refers to the notion that household appliances, for »

A unique investment

Here at Hive, our ambition is to provide every CPG (consumer packaged goods) pack with its own unique identity. Unique identity? What we are referring to »

'Always On' marketing is key to surviving economic downturns

Long term ambitions and strategic thinking Right at the moment there is little for businesses to be certain about, except for uncertainty itself. Companies are putting »

Seize control of loyalty

Easy to use and cost effective loyalty schemes build affinity It’s time for brands to wrestle control of loyalty back from retailers, who have »

Try Me Free

Retail giant Sainsbury’s recently became the first major UK retailer to commit to putting an end to ‘buy one get one free’ style promotions in »