A unique investment

Here at Hive, our ambition is to provide every CPG (consumer packaged goods) pack with its own unique identity.

Unique identity? What we are referring to is a Hive unique code; a string of unique alphanumeric characters or a unique mobile-scannable 2D code, printed on the packaging of a CPG product. We know that demand for unique codes is growing rapidly, however the perception of high-cost and complexity are major barriers for leading manufacturers. Our patented, simple solution overcomes these barriers, providing a highly cost-effective method for printing and validating unique codes on packaging for leading brands like PepsiCo, Nestlé and Heineken.

"Our ambition is to provide every CPG (consumer packaged goods) pack with its own unique identity"

We caught the attention of Britain’s media this Summer after successfully securing a multimillion pound investment from London investment firm Encore Capital. Encore Capital shares our enthusiasm for the opportunities presented by a CPG pack’s unique identity. The £2.5 million investment will provide us with the means to deliver a low-cost subscription mechanism – enabling our clients to print unique codes on their packs all year round. It’s something we call Codes always on and will allow participating brands to effectively switch on and off promotions and incentives simply by communicating the unique code’s purpose to relevant shoppers.

How do Hive’s unique code promotions work? Well, in return for a relevant incentive, the shopper pops their unique code into a simple website (or mobile app if they’re on the move), along with some basic demographical information. The unique code relates the product’s purchase to the shopper’s name, gender, age, geographical location and purchase history. This provides the brand with all the information they need to communicate future promotions using their unique codes on pack, continuing to drive engagement with the consumer and ultimately, driving sales.

It’s a tried and tested solution – some six billion Hive unique codes annually on the packaging of some of the World’s most prestigious and loved brands, including Walker’s, Heineken, Anchor, and The Sun newspaper. Without discounting their prices, participating brands typically see an increase in sales of 8% and often far higher when a promotion has utilised Hive’s unique codes.

To find out more about our cost-effective solution, get in touch via our website https://hiveonline.co.uk or speak to our Commercial Manager, Rachel on 01509 882 923.