Buy three, get £5 - a case study

Here at Hive, we know that unique code promotions (that is, promotions that utilise our unique codes as a proof of purchase mechanic) accelerate sales for »

Intelligent packaging? The future has arrived.

You may have heard of The Internet of Things, right? Also known as IoT, The Internet of Things refers to the notion that household appliances, for »

A unique investment

Here at Hive, our ambition is to provide every CPG (consumer packaged goods) pack with its own unique identity. Unique identity? What we are referring to »

Try Me Free

Retail giant Sainsbury’s recently became the first major UK retailer to commit to putting an end to ‘buy one get one free’ style promotions in »

Unique codes - inside vs outside pack

A unique code, printed onto the packaging of a product, provides a brand with knowledge. Hive enable a brand to print a unique code on its »