Packaging….the new media?

With as much as 30% of consumers using an ad blocker, the age when most media will not get through to a consumer is upon us. Consumers will be able to decide what media messages they want to receive and the rest will simply not get through.

So how can packaging help? Brands are finding it increasingly more difficult to get through. Packaging is a media is a statement heard more and more. With the power of digital technology to engage consumers the focus is on packaging and it’s ability to connect a consumer with the digital world.

But can packaging perform like a true media? How can it do that without compromising on packaging’s key functions?
Hive started out over 10 years ago as a company focussing on giving primary packaging a media value. We developed clever mechanics that gave packaging the ability to be a bonafide media. We proved the value of this media by selling it to third party promoters for significant sums. We are a company who has focussed on showing how to make packaging act as a true media channel. If there was a value for third party brands there must be a value for the host brand owning the packaging.

Our conclusions, packaging can be a powerful media but it needs to be seen as one. Brands need to assess their packaging on its contribution to the brand as a media. My new book, “if packaging could talk” due to publish in April goes through Hive’s journey making packaging perform as a true media. Brands need to look at their packaging as a bonafide media channel and develop their packaging accordingly. I assess packaging’s contribution in media terms. I call these the 6 R’s or the 6 rules. The ability for the pack to get a consumer to REACT. The next step to get the consumer to READ and then RESPOND to what they have read. Then to RETURN to the pack and REMEMBER the message. Finally to RECOMMEND the pack to others.
Until brands do this, the true value as packaging as a media will remain untapped.