Packaging News Live - Extracting value from packaging

The challenge… Extracting value

On Friday 28th October 2016 I attended an interesting conference hosted by Packaging News in London. Leading European CPG packaging company DS Smith talked about their investment in digital and their vision of the power of digital print and its ability to make every pack or product unique.

The internet of products was a buzzword. Active discussions on the concept of every product or pack having a connection to the powerful world of the web.

The discussions raised two challenges...

  1. Finding practical methods to print a unique ID on a pack. IDs can take the form of unique alphanumeric codes, unique scannable codes, QR, RFID, NFC, OCR, the list goes on...
  2. Translating the unique codes and their connection with the internet into tangible value for the brand

This is the rub. Brands find digital technology impressive. They find businesses who use the digital world of the internet cleverly to help build their brand impressive. But what they find most impressive is extracting value via unique pack IDs in their terms.

Interesting times!