Seize control of loyalty

Easy to use and cost effective loyalty schemes build affinity

It’s time for brands to wrestle control of loyalty back from retailers, who have comprehensively broken it over the last few years. Luckily, the tools for brands to create their own loyalty schemes and build affinity directly with the people who use their products are now readily available, easy to use and (in some cases at least) cost-effective.

The observation that retailers have both over-used card based loyalty schemes and mis-used them, to the point where the future of such schemes is, frankly, in jeopardy, is not just my opinion, by the way: it’s what Clive Humby, the man credited with creating Tesco’s ClubCard said at a conference on
loyalty Hive organised.

Humby also said that supermarkets have turned customers who were once loyal into promiscuous shoppers who will switch both the retailer they shop in and the brands they buy by coupling ‘loyalty schemes’ with a diet of price promotions.

"10 biggest loyalty card schemes in the UK had about £6 billion worth of points unused."

Research from loyalty app Loyalive last year found that members of the 10 biggest loyalty card schemes in the UK had about £6 billion worth of points unused – and that consumers have been losing track of which schemes they belong to and how many points they have banked.

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